What an Idiot!

The Moron So i had missed an 'R' on my self proclaimed 'witty' URL which someone was kind enough to point out on Facebook.

I'm the title of this post.

Anyway, i have more to say on my blog since it was surprisingly an eventful day. here goes...

Thieving a couple of words from the epic series Game of Thrones - Winterfell approaches and the house of Seth is in a state of anxiousness. You would think with a Finn in the family, we would be mentally prepared for the cold but NO! If there's one thing these laplanders are enthusiastic about is excessive clothing on their children during winter. That and dissing the swedes. There's also the obsession with candy and nakedness..even the grannies....for both but I digress! Granted it was a touch nippy on Sunday but Mrs Seth decided to dress up the boys for the Winter Olympics. It was 2 deg and we were only popping downstairs to bury the poor birdy who had crash landed into our window earlier. It has to be said that she wouldn't be tweeting no more! My blog...my jokes...Anyway, just today it took me 45 minutes to layer the boys in clothes just to buy a bottle of  milk! back in Singapore i wouldn't even bother putting on their underwear....I wouldn't bother going to buy milk either...Our helper did the shopping you see.

Tino's an inquisitive little fella. He's going through a 'curiosity' phase now and wants answers for everything. There's a WHY at the end of my answers...all the time.....everytime! It's tricky trying to describe everything in detail especially when i don't know what i'm talking about. I can barely differentiate between a tractor and a digger. I'm sorry but i missed the class about road construction vehicles! Then there are the dinosaurs. He loves them right now and keeps asking where are they. I knew the story but i found it hard to tell it without using the word DIED! Eventually i did use it after the 100th time he grilled me on the subject. Just the other day Heidi read me an article about how we should talk normally to a 3 year old and not 'dumb down' our conversations. I think it was a hint to me. Can't be certain but I think she meant try not to be normal...Don't dumb it down any further!

Now despite what i said in my previous post about being complex, it's really a lie. My big worry is that Tino will soon figure out he's got a moron for a dad. I think that day isn't far since just today he said to me while i was having my morning dump (closing doors are a formality in our house)...."daddy, you want me to wipe for you?". What can you say to that? I answered, "I think I'll manage, TIno."

Tomorrow we sign the contract for our 3 bedroom rental flat in Charmilles. I can't wait to move in and at the risk of sounding like a gay presenter on Discovery Home and Health - "It's a lovely apartment with lots of natural light and the french balcony is just adorable!"...there i've said it!!

below is a picture of the boys utterly overdressed for a sunny day in Geneva. Tino doing a Macgyver!