A shave, a kebab, a visit to the people who connect and more toilet humour

I had a shave today. Didn't have to...but....i did anyway. Since i wasn't impressing anyone at the playgrounds, i thought my luck might change at Heidi's office. And guess what? I did make an impression and it was a good one....i think! I had my inhibitions about meeting Heidi's Nokia colleagues. Number crunchers, dealing with millions of dollars, economic wizards etc etc. To be honest, i still can't fully understand what she does. An online dictionary describes Treasury as - a place where Treasure  is kept but i think it's closer to their 2nd explanation - A place where private and public funds are received, kept, managezzzzzzzzz..snore..... That's all Greek to me...or perhaps French is more apt. Anyway, I presumed they would be busy on their scientific calculators, shaking their heads in disapproval while watching Bloomberg TV and discussing the pros of their newest Nokia Lumia devices - the 920 (notice, yet another product placement). What they were infact, were a funny  and welcoming bunch of blokes. Yes, they are mostly men working there. I was enjoying myself so much that i later realized i was actually quite loud. That happens to me! when i get excited or happy, my voice level increases exponentially. I won't exactly be TREASURING the experience (I love puns, me!) but it was certainly fun. And No, i did not see a dart board with an Apple or Samsung logo. I think that was in the meeting room!
I was feeling so good about myself that after a pit stop at the bank where under Heidi's supervision I was finally allowed to have access to OUR JOINT bank account, I decided to treat myself to a mid week kebab. I've been having a weekend Kebab as opposed to eating out everyday in Singapore. Theoretically, it was Heidi's treat really since she's the sole breadwinner in the family and can i add what a fantastic piece of bread it was indeed! The meat was better mind you! I don't know why i think a picture is appropriate here but there's one of my half eaten Kebab at the end, all for your enjoyment. You see, i don't ask for much. For a trophy husband, i'm low maintenance. In my most snobbish of voice - "I'm not one of THOSE house husbands!" A kebab is all i need. That'll do just fine.

Tino seems to be developing a taste for toilet humor. Building on his 'should i wipe it for you' gem, today while having one his many dumps, he says to me 'Look daddy, it's upside down like a monkey!'. Now that's funny on it's own but i think Tino's onto something. Something BIG! He's opened a whole new can worms. An entirely new thought process. Soooo...WHEN....IT'S PEAKING....WHICH SIDE IS UP....WHICH IS DOWN??? I can see some faces recoiling in disgust but it's a valid question. It could be hanging upside down or is it the right side up? Both ends look the same...well..most of the time. Anway...dwell on that dear friends!! Should we call it....food for thought?
Today i was successful in quenching Tino's thirst for knowledge. He asked me how do planes fly? Now, I don't mean to boast....well...I DO REALLY! I DO MEAN TO BOAST! Never understood why people say 'I don't mean to boast' because that's exactly what they're about to do, init!
So i mean to boast when i say - i knew THIS answer. Aerodynamics was one of the few lectures i didn't miss at uni. So I brushed the cobwebs of my engineering side of the brain and gave little Tino a full fledged explanation. In one breadth i told him about low pressure and high pressure areas around the wings creating an upwards force or lift thus making the plane fly. I didn't hold back. If Tino absorbed half that information, he'll go far in life....further than Geneva!!!
Before i forget, I would like to thank you all for the positive response on my blog. It means a lot...the self esteem of a stay-at-home-dad is just a touch higher than a teenage nerd suffering from bad acne. Ironically I was that very same nerd back in school.
I needed a proper hobby, so i started the blog. Doing push-ups at playgrounds can't really be defined as a hobby. That would make me shallow...well...shallower than i already am.
Anyway, it's a nice change from writing about silly 4's and 6's which i did for a very long time. So i needed to keep my writing skills in the fine stage of....BLUNT...it was never sharp...but i don't want it to get rusty either. Razor blunt is what i need. Now if i could only earn some money doing this....hmmm...any takers?
didn't think so.....