Oah la la and Ludotheques

From Discotheques in my 20's to Ludotheques in my 30's. How times have changed! But seriously these Ludotheques in Geneva are the height of awesomeness. An indoor super playground - toy joy maximum. It even got me excited. As i walked in, i swear, everything became slow motion. I saw closeups of the kids happy faces flash before me. The colors became richer and there was a magical glow like when you see those shots of heaven in the movies. Can't be certain but I think i even heard an orchestral music underlay. Ok...i'm making this up but that's how an exceptional producer would have edited this sequence together. Do you know any....exceptional producers? To top it all, IT"S FREE! Yes, you don't have to pay a penny to use the facilities. Living in Singapore for so long, the only thing free i've had is 'MSG FREE' or in one particular case - 'FREE MSG'. Yes, he didn't seem to charge for the MSG in his wanton noodle. I once produced a live concert with Ludacris performing in Bangalore. Ludacris to Ludotheques - how times have changed!....unnecessary and a totally forced comment, i know, but it sounds good and makes me look mature....so i'm keeping it... Oah La La!...the only way i have always pictured this comment, is in a speech bubble from a man looking at a poster of a hot chick in a bikini....or better yet...a hot chick in a bikini holding a kebab...or even better...a hot chick in a bikini holding a kebab and saying 'Oah la la..stay-at-home-dads are so sexy!' Looking for directions for parc Trembley in our first week, when i heard it from the mouth of a postman, i became flustered...and then flattered! But then i realized the true context of the phrase. Oah la la is the French version of Singapore's very own... Ah Lah Mah! It can be used anywhere in any context. What a let down!!

By the way, Tino calls his stomach aches - 'Pancakes'. What a creative little bugger! I forgot to mention, the other day when we were burying the poor birdy, i had asked Tino to say something nice before we covered it with pretty (i don't like writing or saying the word 'pretty' but just this once) red leaves and sticks. So Tino says...'Happy Birthday'! What a sweetheart. It is a nice thing to say i guess and if you think about it, he was right...it was the bird's birthday for it's next life. DEEP...very deep!

People are friendly here. I don't understand what they're saying to me, but it seems they're genuinely happy to see the kids. Old ladies especially. I often chat to our neighbour downstairs who is a really happy old woman. Luckily she speaks English (otherwise our corridor chats would be ridiculously funny) and today she told me her 10 year old grandson was in tears because the girl he likes hasn't reciprocated his feelings. Later i thought to myself, that's never going to happen to my boys! They won't be doing the crying...they'll be making the girls cry! Something about apples and trees comes to mind....it's a one way conversion so i can say that without any immediate backlash...

Au revoir.