Magnifique Miro

You would think by day 5, i would run out of content but No Sir! Not if I have a couple comedians for offsprings.

Miro's vocabulary is increasing by the day. Today he said 'Me' and 'Cup' for the first time which as i write this blog doesn't sound like much but at the time, I was ready to fill out his application form for the nobel prize. He does though, understand everything i say to him. EVERYTHING. But he finds it hard to express his feelings in words.... Much like he's on the right track.

Later, as I was cleaning his backside after his daily poo (it was mushy a chocolate bar in your back pocket left there for a week!), Miro snatched the shower head from my hand and went about washing his family jewels. Jewels which he wouldn't even have if it wasn't for me...NO RESPECT! He obviously doesn't think i'm doing a very good job because a bit later on, I clocked him holding a book. On closer inspection I realized it didn't have any pictures. So i knew it wasn't one of my books! As soon as I looked at the cover, I realized that I should send Miro's nobel prize form ASAP....the title of the book was 'UNDERSTANDING THE UNEMPLOYED'. Comedy gold! I just had to take a photo.

But that's not all! Later on, he totters up to me with a flashcard. He pointed at it with a blank look. It was a picture of an ice-cream. Hilarious! The lil fella deserved one. The entire time they were eating it though, Miro had his eyes fixated on Tino's ice-cream. Tino gobbled his up and asked Miro very innocently 'Can I finish yours?'.

Since the boys have had an overdose  of playgrounds we had stayed at home today. Tino does really miss Singapore and all his friends. I miss my friends too....I also miss chicken rice! When i explain to Tino that 'home is where aiti, daddy and Miro are and Geneva is our new home. Singapore is our old home', he goes hysterical. Much like when heidi asks me for a bit of my kebab! Not done!

Tomorrow we have our first guest arriving from FInland. Susanna's coming for the weekend. Should be fun.

I got an invite to watch a game of hockey on Saturday from guess who?....Heidi's colleagues! So my charm really was irresistible....or it could be that they felt sorry for me. I'm going with option one. but me thinks it's a game of ice hockey. The only ice I'm familiar with is in my alcoholic beverage. It shall be an interesting outing. Until next time...