Daddy's little adventure

It was just a matter of time before my initial blogcitement ran out of steam. Still, 5 days straight was a good run last week. On the topic of good run, Geneve Servette are having one of I was told on Saturday night. And who are the 'Geneve Servette', you ask?....hmm...from what i vaguely remember, they are the local ice hockey team who are unbeaten at home this season. They serve a decent brew. They have an eagle who suspiciously looks like a parrot for a mascot. They serve a decent brew. They fought back to register yet another home victory beating Bern 5-2. Did i mentioned they serve a decent brew....Well they DO!! I can vouch for it. I consumed quite a lot of it. The basic point of the sport is to fight and to hit the puck into the goal although it's impossible to tell when that happens. I went with the crowd reaction. Sadly there were no fights. There are also an unusual number of circles on the rink. And they kept staring back at me - hypnotizing me. The nice chaps at Nokia (all Finns and a token Swede) did try to explain me the point of the circles and despite my excessive nodding, I was quite clueless.  Never have I seen such an impressive gathering of Nokia devices on one table and for a change the iPhone was outnumbered. As I had expected, there was some chatter about Nokia's strategic plans during those pre-match burger and beverage intake but I must admit, I went blank. On the topic of blacking out, there was a fair bit of that later on. A few flaming lamborghinis were consumed after the match at a nearby bar to celebrate a birthday which was the final nail in the coffin. A coffin which was delivered home in an overprized taxi. Suffice to say, Mrs Seth was not her chirpy self and it was my first dog house experience in Geneva to go along with my first ice hockey one. I won't be buying a jersey just yet but overall I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday night. It's a myth that Finnish men show no emotions. Mind you, it was ice hockey and there was beer involved. They seem to be partial to both. Susanna, our first guest, said that if I want my blog to appear in more searches, I should put in words that would get more hits. So from now on I plan to randomly drop in a few - Geneva, expat, fun, family, American Idol, Coke, Mcdonalds, Facebook, youtube, yahoo.

Tino's said a few more thought provoking comments. Thankfully these are not toilet related. When his cartoon viewing was abruptly interrupted he said, 'I don't like commercial breaks!'....hmm...He's yet to watch an IPL game...Wonder what he'll think of TIME OUTS?!

When we spotted a few joggers in the park, I explained to him that 'they're exercising to stay fit' hoping that he would say 'Like you, daddy'. Instead his chosen words were...'Why don't you want to stay fit daddy?'