Manu the puppeteer....I think not!

I have a new dream job. I would like to be a puppeteer when i grow up. There's only one problem. I'm not very good at it. It's not my calling unless it's a show where all the puppets do an Indian accent - the same Indian accent. I doubt there's much demand for that but when we spotted an awesome mini theatre at the Ludotheque today, we got excited! By 'WE' I mean 'ME' of course. Tino and Miro didn't quite share my enthusiasm. I had one of those slow motion moments again that I've mentioned in one of my previous blogs. I swear, I heard some wind chimes. I swear, I saw the puppets dance about merrily. It may be a side affect of quitting my job with ESPN Star Sports...I can't be sure but now you know what all my edits looked like. Anyway, Tino pulled me back from my retarded hallucination and together we went about creating a masterpiece - the best ever witnessed by any toddler in Ludotheque's long history! I exaggerate...I don't know their history and it was far from a masterpiece. The harsh truth was that we had an audience of one, Miro, whose facial expression remained at terrified. He didn't seem to be a fan of the Indian bear and the Indian sheep who suspiciously sounded like a certain Indian Santa! I thought I was on the right track though, when I say a little girl peak into our room but my hopes were quickly dashed. I failed the French mommy test yet again. Honestly, I was appalling. I had zero creativity. I had nothing much to say. Nothing child friendly anyway. I couldn't think beyond the words 'Don't eat me Mister Bear'. The best I came up with was 'Mister Bear, do I get a hug?'....What the hell is that? What sheep would say that to a bear?....Ridiculous! Tino figured this isn't going anywhere and he moved on. I managed to take a snap of him with the Indian Bear. There's also a snap of the Indian Santa from 2011. I hate bullies. Miro has his first experience at the Ludotheque today. A Eastern European child decided to give lil M a full on push! It was a proper shove which made me proper furious but I decided not to vent my temper. His grandma was huge! Her moustache scared and intrigued me. It was her lucky day. I had to attend to my pork and bacon stew. I let it slide and we quietly exited the facility to head back home.