The return of the bully, candy and carousels

That little prick was back at Ludotheque and within 5 minutes pushed Miro again...from behind....the coward! This time I didn't hold back and the idiot's mother was on the received end of my full wrath. Won't get my blog any more hits but I always wanted to use 'wrath' in my scripts. It wasn't just Miro he had a problem with. He was picking on girls as well but seemed to stay clear of the big boys. That's 'Bully 101'! This 2 year old has started early and i wonder how he got this way. I'm sure it was covered in 'Super Nanny' but Alas!...I missed that episode. It can't possibly be hereditary since his mother seemed a touch meek, short of ideas and well...just plain tired. On the other hand, could it be his angry alcoholic papa or too much of the idiot box or i(diot)pad (see what i've done there? iPad = idiotPad! clever huh!) Whatever the reasons, I just might summon my good pal....Kungfu Panda. Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's halloween candy video which a friend sent to me today (If you haven't' seen it, copy paste this link -, I created a Tino version. If you haven't seen it on my Facebook, copy and paste this link -

These swiss/french are big on carousels for some reason! There're dozens on them around...of varied designs, shapes and sizes. Quite impressive but like clowns, there's something freakishly scary about these merry-go-rounds. Can't put my finger on it. Could be the much-too-merry tunes or the-much-too-merry-token-giving uncles. Everything's just too pleasantvillisk. Right outta the Twilight Zone! Now play the 'tu-nu-nu-nu' Twilight tune in your head, imagine a carousel in slow motion and a close up of the old uncle!....Isn't it creepy!....Mind you, with that tune anything's creepy....a family picnic, a birth video, puppies, kittens, puppet writing my blog....Anyway, the boys seem to like it. Below's the gold tinted carousel from today.

By the way, Tino said 'Why you say Oh! Shit! yesterday?'. Don't judge me. I have no recollection of it.

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