Gandhiji Namaste!

It's finally Friday (unless you read it on saturday) and i wore my favorite the supermarket. I was feeling so good about myself that I even splashed on some aftershave. Heidi used to say that I spray on too much. There's no danger of that these days. That kinda summarizes the high point! but seriously, the reason I was handsome was because Tino said so. It probably doesn't even count like when my mom used to say the very same words. She's not said it for a while now. It's not really a Skype conversation. Tino didnt really have a choice mind you. I was digging for the compliment to be honest and it's easy to manipulate a 3 year old. Women are far better  at it with their partners. But Tino is not always the manipulatee (that's not even a word but I don't care), he's also learning the ropes to be a good manipulator. He said to me 'Daddy, I love you' which was followed by a timely pause perfected only by the greatest of comedians and followed it up with 'because you download new games for me'. Busted! On the topic of the i(diot)Pad (recycle an oldie but a goodie), the other excitement for me today was when I couldn't connect to the iTunes store. If you must know, I solved it by resetting the iPad setting. What a legend! Tino had his new games and all was good...for a little while. There's nothing harder than buying groceries with 2 screaming kids, I tell you! with 3 kids or more is probably tougher but nevertheless it was hell. My laziest trick is to feed them snacks they like (don't judge me!), all of which I keep handy in my man bag. I just can't have a conversation with them while searching for carrots. 'Men can't multitask'  you say....I say....F*%K O$$! I've been really embarrassed to use it so far but finally after over a month here, i said 'Parlez-vous anglais?'....Next time I'll use it outside the house.

Yesterday was a far more interesting day. It was a trip to the United Nations where we saw the gigantic 'Broken Chair', a beefy looking Gandhji and lots of flags. We also went to the parc Botanique, where come lunch time, all the UN employees were seen jogging away. My Spanish daddy friend told me that such a thing is unheard of in his country! the boss would never allow it! a Siesta is just fine I guess. Sorry Alberto, if you're reading this...I only thought of it afterwards. Below are pictures of various angles of the chair...just to ensure you know what a 3 legged chair looks like, a statue of Gandhiji and a tree.

A bit cocky of me to say this, but these days I fancy myself as the Indian Louie Louie. The only difference is that I'm not a single dad and he's better looking. Laterz