Miro lost his marbles

What do you call those 9 toy cups which fit inside each other? Well, whatever they are, I hate it when one goes missing. I really do! I spend hours...well...not hours but way too much time trying to search for them. It's a really irritating experience. As irritating as watching Sehwag get out at third man, England winning anything, Dexter's sister and chilli sauce which just isn't spicy enough. The number 8 cup has vanished now and it's annoying when you can't finish building that tower! I'm convinced that it's Miro's idea of a cruel joke but he's yet to admit it. Today he lost his marbles....literally...we had to return them when we left Ludotheque! Thereafter he lost the plot. Screamed all the way back home. All my bribing goodies failed today. So I ate them all.

The boys were much happier in the morning though. Being Diwali and all, I had bothered to dress them up properly and together we went to the shopping centre to buy sweets. They had to content with lollipops and kinder eggs since the supermarket had ran out of Ras Malai. I hadn't quite anticipated the kinder eggs to backfire. Miro's surprise was a Mr. Burns figurine which...just stood there. The Diwali bhang must have been freely consumed by almighty because he decided to put a far more exciting toy in Tino's egg. Suffice to say, not just Miro but I also wanted the racing car which even had a little trigger thingy to make it shoot off. There was a lot of crying over the car. Then Miro started screaming for it as well.

Miro really has the 2nd child syndrome. He's so worried about Tino that he just grabs everything on offer with both his little hands. Unfortunately it doesn't work with healthy food. Don't blame him either...a handful of carrot sticks just doesn't have the same appeal as a handful of popcorn.

We were skyping with the Garratts over the weekend and Tino, knowing that his uncle Mark knows the answer to most irrelevant questions, asked him 'why can't we see our own ears?' In typical Mark way, he gave a lengthy scientific reason which I can't explain because I stopped paying attention. I was too busy thinking 'What a Geek!' 

Tino's also into face painting these days. Today, I got out the crayons and asked him what he would like to be. He said 'you be the clown and I'll be the tiger'. I think even he's realized that the roles have reversed in our household because he told me 'Daddy, you go boxing and Äiti can take care of us!'....

Happy Diwali all.