Nyon, vegetarian zoo and the racist ticket machine

What is it with kids and animals? My boys are totally infatuated with them. Ok, I understand the attraction with lions and tigers but dogs and cats...really? When they see one, everything must STOP! We must collectively gawk, point and say 'look...a dog!' What must they think! It's the same with Heidi mind you and to be honest, I have done the same with cricketers...'Look...there's Venkatesh Prasad!'  It's worse with farm animals right now. Maybe it's because having lived in Singapore their entire lives, the kids are familiar with the 2 dimensional images. Anyway, I took them to the mini zoo here today. It's a vegetarian zoo. Only goats, rabbits, sheep and such like. It's an awesome walk though. A touch challenging but I'm blaming the mountain buggy.  Otherwise, I would sprint up...yeah right! Spectacular view as you'll see from my pictures. It was our second time there and the boys were still spellbound. They said sheep, I said chops. They said chicken, I said butter. They said ducks, I said peking. they said goat, I said cheese. They said swan, I said overrated. They said donkey, I said England. The last 2 are cricket related which conveniently brings me to the subject of India kicking some ass. We watched the victory together this morning over breakfast and it was so...oh! so sweet. i love Kolhi for changing his bat when the scores were tied. He's such a prick that he can't help it, can he! But he's OUR prick. He's a prick that belongs to all of India : ) I feel for podgy Patel though. Two bad decisions but for a person who has consumed enough ghee for Gujarat, what was he doing missing those leg side deliveries? My mom could have flicked them to the boundary....I couldn't. I swear I heard the sky commentators crying about BCCI's stance on the referral rule. Whinging..comes to mind! And can someone tell me what is it with the recent track record of these British Indians playing for England? Owais, Bopara and now Mister Fat Pat! I have always admired the English media for their single minded dedication to the cause of churning out new and creative puns so here's mine for the first test - 'Cook and co. fried at Ahmedabad'. Not my best work, I know. We went to Nyon on Sunday to visit an old friend whose name I have rudely mispronounced and misspelt for a long time...Marijs! They have a wonderful house outside Nyon and I felt at home as soon as I stepped in. It was her Indian inspired furniture you see and I felt like I was in Jaipur. The raclette lunch she served though was nothing like I have had in the pink city. The trip started on a bad note though when the little man inside the ticket machine was being raciest and refused to give us the ticket. 8 francs down the drain. Both the Hindi and Finnish profanities surprisingly didn't work. I took a picture of the offender just incase there was a spot check on the bus. We had even prepared our excuse in French - 'cet idiot machine à mangé mon billet, le cretin!'  For someone who has taken train rides from Delhi to Jaipur, the train ride which followed was an eye opener...albeit an extremely overpriced one for a bloody 15 minute journey. 32 francs!!!! I expect the next bollywood hit to be shot in the loo of a swiss train. It's massive and quite nice.

I'm looking forward to our trip to Paris on Thursday. They have a big tower I hear.