The day we met Dr Evil's feline friend

My mom would be proud of me. For someone who specialized in the art of making a good spicy plate of maggi and the token annual butter chicken, I've become quite confident in the kitchen. Granted, confidence alone doesn't taste of much but coupled with my improvisation, it's a solid foundation for a budding Masterchef of the Seth clan. My marinade for the chicken curry was a blend of yogurt, Indian spices, ginger, garlic, lemon juice and....mustard. The oven did the magic and I used the juices to cook the rice. It was sensational, if I may say so. The only thing lacking was a standing ovation at the end but I shall brief the family next time. Tomorrow, I'll be attempting beef brisket. The other thing I'm getting confident with is traveling on my own with the 2 laloos. In the afternoon, we went on a little excursion to Versoix (just outside Geneva), to meet Tshering Dorji, my Bhutanese buddy and his daughter. They have a scrawny little cat who suspiciously looks like Dr. Evil's feline friend but with a dog's personality. It jumped me and climbed all the way up to my shoulder to say hello to Miro. Suffice to say, my little anti social offspring didn't take too kindly to the cat's greeting. He's traumatized for life now. Tino didn't have any such issues and had a great outing. The return home at peak time traffic wasn't so much fun but luckily even the most hostile of people don't tend to mess with a daddy pushing a mountain buggy.

Finnish school tomorrow and I'm looking forward to showing off Tino's christmas cards. Dorji will be there as well so I'm less worried about the coffee.