The suppository story

I had a really uncomfortable experience today. And I wasn't even on the 'receiving' end of things...or rather the thing. You see, I had to deposit a suppository to bring down Miro's high fever. Somehow, I have managed to avoid this but in my current role, it was bound to happen. As if the process wasn't hard enough already, Tino screaming in my ear 'Daddy, what are you doing?' made it even tougher.  While Tino and Miro had an expression of disbelief plastered on their tiny little faces, mine was somewhat a mixture of determination and discomfort. My lengthy explanation didn't seem to convince Tino because he recoiled when I approached him with a thermometer. It's a task that I'll never get used to. Placing a suppository is like watching someone get hit on the family jewels. You WILL cringe. We had a visitor from Singapore last night. Our former East Galleria neighbour, Valerie, was in town and she popped over for dinner. My lasagna was appreciated. That too, without me digging for a compliment. She works for an exclusive bank based in Geneva and now I know where to go when I make my first million. I just hope she's still a banker in my next life.

On Wednesday, I visited a Finnish mom's house where we had gathered to make christmas decorations. That's how much I have grown as an individual. I'm comfortable in my manhood. I was hoping to showoff my creative side but there's only so many ways I could glue 6 beads on christmas tree shaped wine bottle cover thingys. I also wanted to show-off my biceps. I failed in that as well since my good buddy, Dorji a.k.a Mr. Bhutan, had his guns out. He's perfected the art of flexing his muscles while glueing stickers. I also feel there's just not enough room for 2 non-Finnish sub-continental stay-at-home-dads in the Finnish group. I'm kidding of course! Him being there, made things a lot less awkward. We were chatting in Hindi and when one of the moms enquired about the language we were conversing in. I quickly replied - 'can't you tell, it's Finnish with an accent!'. I thought it was witty at the moment but now as I write it down, it was a lame thing to say. I had made curried egg sandwiches which I thought were sensational. I got one compliment. Two, if you count me talking infront of the mirror. That's after I had pimped my sandwiches around like it  was some ancient Indian recipe. It was off the cooking app. Epicurious. Dorji told me they were tasty but I could tell he was thinking 'my pizza's better'.

It's a busy week coming up so not sure if I'll have time to blog. We move on Monday and Tuesday plus Heidi's cousin, Mikael, visits us from Finland. Him and me have had some awesome drinking sessions over the years where we have mapped out several business ventures...atleast I think we have. We are a lot alike. He's extremely creative. I only think I am.

By the way, I'm now on whazzup, fiber, tango, Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, email and mobile. I get lonely which explains my picture in a batman outfit

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