Put them in the box and make them think out of the box

Are you one of those who has a vision but the end product turns out to be better than what you had imagined? Well, it doesn't for me. Inspired by something I saw on Facebook, I decided to put the cardboards to good use by constructing a sanctuary for the boys where they could let their creative juices flow. A place where they could paint in peace (or not) without my constant nagging about what a mess they had made. Being the lazy human being that I am, I've always looked for shortcuts to reduce workload. This was to avoid cleaning. So the goal was attained but it was really....architectural vomit. My engineering professors who had taught me structural design back in uni would be embarrassed. But luckily for them, I didn't really exist. The boys were excited though, so I am proud of my creation. I plan to attach more wings to the structure but I doubt there's enough gaffa tape in Geneva to hold it up. I no longer give a shit how India do in cricket. It's piss poor and I blame the following alphabets for the state of Indian cricket - IPL BCCI.NOKIA Lumia 900_000454

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