Tino meets santa

It was my first experience watching Tino in a performance today. More of a candle carrier really but the joy and pride I felt is unsurpassed. There were other kids carrying candles as well but I thought Tino's technique was quite splendid. It was at the Finnish school christmas party which was brilliantly organized. The house moms and the teachers had done a fantastic job and the spread was exceptional. From pies to pizzas and cakes to cookies, there was no shortage of food but it lacked samosas. A good party is judged by it's samosas and accompanying condiments. These mothers are robots I tell you. Up from the wee hours in the morning, slaving away in the kitchen to bake some pies and they're not shy to tell you so much. Fortunately the expectations from a stay-at-home-dad are as low as the Indian cricket team and Steven Seagal movies. Imported dried mangoes is what we took, all in the name of exotic. It's a word I've bastardized and unashamed to use just because of my 'exotic' background. I'll use it as long as I can get away with it. With much pomp and show, Santa arrived. The excitement was 'electric' but for me he needs to work on his 'Ho Ho Hos'. Finnish santas are not big on them for some reason and just like samosas are a must at parties, a triple Ho is a necessary skill for father christmas. Tino's eyes were glued on his bag though and I think he had forgotten to chew his cake stuffed in his mouth (see pictures). All in all it was fun day. A day which started with me cooking daal....from scratch. And not the premixed masala either. The original pressure cooker style with Hing and all. Very nice!

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