New Year's Eve - Alavieska Style

For the past 6 days, I've been in Alavieska. People are quite materialistic here. I can tell. They all have a tractor and the spoilt 16 year olds drive their treasured family vehicle to school. Need I elaborate more? Even if I tried, I can't because that's the most interesting fact I have on this place. Over the years, I've perceived myself to be the object of much desire in this part of Finland. I thought I was eye candy for the local drunks hanging outside the supermarket. I think I was mistakened all along. So this year, I have boycotted the trips to the grocery store and for the past 6 days, have'nt left the premises of my mother-in-law's property. Nevertheless, It's been fun. My brother-in-law was here with his Mrs. and 2 boys, Pyry and Samu, both of whom are the same age as my 2 laloos. You can imagine the decibal levels reached while they were awake. I am certain the swiss have some law restricting more than 4 children under one roof and they would have been furious with such a racket. But luckily the Finns are a lot more tolerant. Especially here in Alavieska, where our closest neighbours were some 100 metres away and atleast to a city boy like me, they seemed like  moos of content and not complaint. It did get a bit loud on new year's eve though when the fire crackers went off. We set off a few rockets of our own which the boys enjoyed immensely. I was a bit eager to get rid of the fire cracker in my hand and as it fizzled away in the snow, my brother-in-law was quick to critisize my light and throw technique. As I coldly (more in actual terms than emotional) stared at his chiseled nordic chin, I considered smacking the smug smile of his face. I held back. I wasn't convinced I could reach it. Tomorrow we move on to the final leg of our holiday. Helsinki beckons once more. I just might bring out my spice box again.

In 2013, I would like to get more hits on my linkedin profile, try not to starve my children and get a job. 2 of these are achieveable. The third seems like a stretch.

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