Dads don't do playdates

One of my friends from the daddy group, Chris, came over yesterday with his 3 year old son, Ren. Tino finally has an English speaking buddy and the only word to describe the morning is...carnage! It was a toy explosion and they wanted to play with everything simultaneously. In short bursts between feeding and entertaining the kids, Chris and I did catchup. Turns out we have a bit in common. He likes a drink or two, he's got a sense of humour and he plays golf. Most will agree that I too like a drink or 10. Some may disagree but I too have a sense of humour. Most will disagree that I too play golf. The only downside - he called one of Tino's toys a "big crayon". It was a stump. He is American. By the way, I'm not calling it a playdate. Dads don't do playdates. The Singaporean in me wants to call it playplay but perhaps playmeet or playlaugh are more apt. I shall discuss this with the other dads.

I also met my second Hindi speaking friend yesterday. This was at the gym and when I overheard Hindi being spoken, I must admit, I smiled. On the inside of course. An actual smile can easily be misinterpreted at the gym. Turns out, this Sunny from Chandigarh is quite the hero in Punjab. He's also a villain in a recent Punjabi movie. He's a singer and a music producer. He's Sunny Chemma! Yes! THE SUNNY CHEMMA! Ok...i hadn't heard of him but a quick google search revealed some of his dance routines.

Heidi starts her French lessons today so I'm on duty for longer the usual. The only time I can have a constructive arts n crafts session is during Miro's nap time. Sometimes I even let Tino to join me.