The joy of okra and controversial parenting

I always look at the funny side of things...even if the following incidents should really set alarm bells ringing in the parental part of my brain which judges wrong from right...or is it right from wrong? I recently read an article on the 12 most powerful words for parents (

I have a suggestion for the 13th but it's highly controversial and I risk being severely reprimanded. God himself may strike me down as I write these 4 letters shortly. Failing that, my Mrs. Seth certainly will but luckily for me, she hardly ever reads my blogs. Pressing 'Like' wouldn't hurt now and then...or ever. My unlucky number 13 is 'iPad'. But it's true and it works, I tell you. Ok, it isn't my 'Goto' solution for terminating tantrums but its certainly 'If all else fails, then Goto' option. I even carry it around in the bag just incase there's a 'pramtrum'. That's my gift to all parents - PRAMTRUM. Can I copyright a new word? If only I got a franc for every disapproving glance whenever Miro's swiping away at the iPad in the pram, I wouldn't have to worry about getting a job. I say one franc and not one cent or rappen (I had to google that) because Geneva is expensive! That's the cost of living here. If I have to pay 13 francs for a idli and dosa meal then I'm sorry but you have to pay the price for your disapproving glances. iPad also features amongst Miro's growing list of new words. The funny thing is that he pronounces it as 'iPaad'. While the father in me feels guilty, the 5 year old in me finds it hysterical. You see, 'Paad' in Hindi means fart. Now you see the humour in it? Perhaps not but I can't get enough of it. Does he want the iPad or is he telling me he just farted? Small pleasures and all that...

On the topic of Miro's speech, he's currently doing a killer Sean Connery impersonation. Yesh, Shpichy, houshe...

As for Tino, after 4 months, I realized that I have finally left my stamp when he said to me - 'daddy, can you scratch my back?' and then directed me to it's exact location. Strangely, as I scratched away his itch, I was overwhelmed with immense love for my older boy. He may look like Heidi but he's got my pores. Tino also only eats the egg whites every morning with me and then flexes his guns. Mrs Seth has yet to witness this marvelous moment. She would query the wisdom of having me at home.

On a separate note, within 3 weeks, I have not only met 2 stay-at-home Australian dads but 2 stay-at-home Australian dads...from Canberra!!! When I mentioned this to one of them, he said - 'Some may consider that bad luck!'

I also found a shop called 'Madhura' just 15 minutes walk away which sells all Indians spices and vegetables. I've never been so happy to see bhindi (okra).  Suffice to say, the products are ridiculously marked up. I paid 5 francs for mongo pickle. I shall not be sharing that unless it's Sachin Tendulkar.