Blog Mission

It's been a month here in Geneva. Life as a stay-at-home-daddy has been rewarding, at times frustrating definitely interesting. Never in my life have i walked, cooked or cleaned so much.

We even bought a hefty double pram called 'Mountain Buggy' to lug T&M around to the various parks. And there are plenty of them here. All very unique - no two are alike. Our favorite - Parc Betrand. The most visited - Parc Trembley.

To keep fit, i jog with the buggy (with the boys in it of course. It'll be a bit daft otherwise), do push-ups and pull-ups at the various playgrounds daily. Haven't managed to impress any mommy's yet, mind you! I should start to learn to count in French from 50 onwards. I may make an impression then! In time, once we move to our own rental flat in December, I'll join a Gym called 'Silhouette'. There's also another chain called 'Harmony' here. Ridiculous names, I think but each to their own.

Language is proving to be a bit difficult. I feel like a twat taking the piss whenever i say 'Bonjour' to anyone. Even Tino picked up on it and has asked me 'why I'm saying Bonjour all the time'. That's the only word i can say with any confidence so far. Shameful, i know but i'm terrible with languages. I keep mumbling in bloody Finnish for some odd inexplicable reason whenever anyone talks to me in French. The translator app on my Nokia Lumia 900 (as i write this blog on my Macbook...I'm a complex individual) has been a good buddy of mine. There's an audio function to hear pronunciations which i use lot. It helps when i need some adult interaction during the day!

Through, i've met a few foreign dads at playgrounds. A professional bodybuilder from Bhutan who married a Finnish woman and speaks fluent Hindi was interesting. Another from Spain former accountant and a South African something (he didn't divulge his occupation for some reason). Also registered myself on Nice website from dads in Geneva and they even have a monthly get-together at a bar. I SHALL NOT MISS THAT!

Anyway, my mission is to be active with this blogging project. Let's see how that goes....Au revoir for now (I used google translator for the spelling)

Here's a picture of the boys enjoying their ice cream and the sun shine. This was a early october of course. The sun's gone now. It was 2 deg today. Brrrrr!