A full-on day in the life of Manu

It's not even 8pm and both the boys are asleep. It's a record that even Sachin Tendulkar's wife would struggle to top. You see, Mrs Seth is out for a work dinner and so, I had a full-on day. Here's why I deserve the beer I am drinking. I lie. It's a glass of wine but a beer sounds more masculine. In my defense, wine's cheap here and the Indian in me can't resist a good bargain. I had coffee with 7 Finnish ladies today. In another time in my life, I would have been classified as a player. This was whatever the opposite of a player is. A guy having coffee with a bunch of women who have just dropped off their kids at the Finnish school is uncomfortable. An Indian guy in the same situation is uncomfortable times infinity (not sure if that mathematically possible though). Infact I have been less uncomfortable squeezing out a silent one in a commentary box. The only thing which could have toped this experience is if I had let a silent one go having my café au lait. I had to briefly step out  for that. Don't get me wrong. They are very nice ladies but THIS was one of those situations which I had been dreading from the start. I've never claimed to be the funny one in any group (I'am not even the funny one in the family...that's Tino's crown) but when I have to rely on humour in this kind of gathering, it's a disaster waiting to happen. The disaster happened. It wasn't all doom and gloom though. My next project is to make 6 christmas cards with the boys. I promised myself I'll let Tino be part of it. Only if he reads and follows my brief. There's also the Karjalanpiirakat or rice cake making activity which I plan to be part of. You can stop sniggering now!

After the daal and rice lunch (which I had prepared first thing in the morning while Mrs Seth was putting on her makeup), we, plus the A380 of prams, took the bus to Heidi's office so that she could see them. Being the proactive dad I am, we took a pit stop at the supermarket to gather more supplies. It wasn't really necessary but I thrive on all the cooing and approving nods. If you have watched True Blood, its my 'V'. Anyway, after their dose of Äiti, I took the boys to the playground, brought them home, played with their toys, then played with the kids and made dinner. I didn't have much time so I made sausage, fries and boiled veges. Otherwise, it would have  been...sausage, fries and boiled veges. I thought Tino said the funniest thing once he was done. He said 'Daddy, I'm not hungry anymore'. When I enquired Why since his plate was still half full...he said 'I finished the sausages'. The meat eater in me was proud of him. Meanwhile, the vegetarian in me was happy with Miro. Like a good Indian boy, he was content with rice with plain yogurt. I must have knackered them out, or the more likely case, they were so fed up with the sight of me that they dozed off quite soon.

So that's my day done....now...where's my sewing equipment. I have a button to stitch.