Mister 'Manu' Maker

Not quite in the same league as Mister Maker but I'm satisfied with the 4 Christmas cards that I.....ahmm...Tino made. We had limited resources to work with since our arts & crafts box is still stuck in the container.  My idea of sprinkling sugar to depict snow was licked clean off by the boys. Miro's a bit too young for this kind of activity I think. He's more into destroying, so the cards were put together on the move. Meanwhile, the India v England test match was on in the background. Cricket and craft has a nice ring to it and I thoroughly enjoyed the time. So what do I think of Rahul Dravid - the commentator? What little I watched and heard, I thought he's got a nice soothing voice, even if he's delivering the same old cricketing cliches. He's calm, like his batting but honestly, I don't really need to know how Swann's off spinner spun from outside off to middle. It also seems there's a long line of commentators for the series. Amongst them - one of England's greatest (transition) captains ever - the man who was the epitomize of a joyless ton, the king of career saving 40 something scores, the man whose biggest asset was his grit aaaand....grit, the nudgiest of nudgers - PAUL COLLINGWOOD. hmmmm! the most interesting part of this cricketer is his surname and the way he used to chisel an expression of determination on his face before stroking the most unexcitable yet match/career saving of 30s...sometimes 40s. I'm just saying....but that's enough of slagging off English cricketers....for now.

Not quite in the same league as Masterchef but I was satisfied with my attempt at an mostly edible dinner. Blue cheese and rosemary risotto plus pork and beef stew.

thats all i have for today.